• Roascio viene de haber participado de la edición 2018 del NAMM Show de EE.UU, de haber realizado una clínica en la 32nd Street USC School de Los Angeles, y de haber hecho un show en el mítico Whisky a Go Go, como parte integrante de la banda “Wikkid Starr”.

• Marcelo Roascio, quien hasta fines del 2017 fue parte integrante del trío “Manal Javier Martínez”, teloneó recientemente junto a su banda ROASCIO RCM el show de Tony MacAlpine en el Roxy Live de Buenos Aires.

• El guitarrista inauguró una nueva playlist en su canal de YouTube llamada “Probando 1, 2, 3...” donde realiza reviews reales de equipos, instrumentos y accesorios.

• A fines de Abril de este año, Marcelo Roascio fue nombrado Orange Ambassador por la fábrica británica de amplificadores, certificándolo como endorser internacional de la marca.

• En el mes de Octubre, y como desde hace tres años, participará de la feria Music China que se realiza anualmente en la ciudad de Shanghai, siendo el único guitarrista eléctrico argentino de rock que toca habitualmente en este evento internacional.


   My good friend Vernon Neilly of Boosweet Records sent me this NEW Instrumental Recording of an artists named Marcelo Roascio. Vernon Neilly is also an award winning recording artist, Actor, Tagima Guitar Rep. and has an aspiring career in the Music Biz too. So when he emailed me and asked if I'd have an interest in listening and possibly doing an album review, I said "Let's do it !!!" Maestro Neilly knows I love extreme instrumental guitar music and was thinking of little ol' me when he first heard it.

   Born in Argentina, guitar player, Marcelo Roascio was one of the first musicians to release guitar instructional books with audio in his country, having written more than fifteen to date. All his material is distributed in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay thru Melos Ediciones Musicales (www.melos.com.ar). Roascio writes a column for "Guitarra Actual" magazine from Spain, is the editor in chief of the argentine mag "Todo Guitarra y Bajo", and collaborates with a Q&A section for www.guitarraonline.com.ar, the Nº 1 spanish spoken website for guitar players.

   As I sit here and listen to the first few songs, I come to realize that Marcelo's Music seems to come at you at different angles and musical perspectives. The arrangements are very tight and progressive but at the same time, the music doesn't feel hurried. As a for Marcelo's guitar prowess... It's just un-stop-able... He can even turn on his melodic shred side, and still feel everything feels right.

   Check this out... In 1993, he was part of Steve Lynch's (Autograph) argentine band. In 2001, Roascio played with guitar player/clinician Marc "Coop" Cooper. In 2008, he played in Stuart Hamm's argentine band, during his local "Hartke Tour". During his career, Roascio worked in clinics with George Benson, Marty Friedman, Nico McBrain, Steve Morse, Gregg Bissonette, John Patitucci, Lee Oskar, etc.

   If I could compare his musical and guitar playing styles within three guitarists they would be Kiko Loureiro, Steve Vai and Legendary Guitarist Jeff Beck. As w/ these other three great musicians, he is definitely out there exploring and probing those outer limits too. As for the sound and engineering of this exciting NEW CD, it is pristine and full. Marcello's recording techniques for his guitar really captures his grooves and rich guitar tones. Another thing I noticed w/ Marcello writing is that he is very melodic and not just a chromatic "Flight of the Bubble-Bee" type guitarists. And, just when ya heard it all comes another guitar player who once again makes you stand up and take notice. I'm still trying to wrap my head around some of his mind-boggling tunes and arrangements. Lastly. I heard no drum machines sounding like drum machine on this CD. This album is to be listened to many times over because one or two listens won't do the music justice.

   Nowadays, Roascio plays with his instrumental band "roascio RCM", having released the CD's "Espías", "Dos de Tres" and "All in a Day" (Boosweet Records), and was part of "Dr.Rock", releasing two CD's ("Yo Ya Oí" and "Sigue la Noche"). In the past, he was a member of bands like "Engranaje" (CD "Mi Hostilidad"), "Los Arcontes" (CD "Los Arcontes"), "Maccioco y Los de Goma", "Menu Fijo", "Mendigo Jonas" and "Radio City". Furthermore, Roascio is international endorser for Fernandes Guitars, Ernie Ball strings, Hiwatt amps and Morley Pedals, and local for Antitodo straps...

   In a Nut-Shell, I give this Album 4 starz... I'm sure I will be hearing more from this Musician in the near future. He has a pin cent for hooking up with the right people for one and secondly his music is very thought provoking that can get those endorphins kickin' . This album is to be listened to many times over because one or two listens won't do the music justice.


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